Friday, October 25, 2013

Thinking of the future

So, my vacations don't always have a purpose, that is if you don't count just getting away a purpose, but this one does. Dave and I have been discussing a nice retirement somewhere where life is slow and in most cases easy.
OK, we're not really old enough to retire just yet but maybe if we do it right, we will be able to do so a bit earlier if we can find a place where our money will last. In researching such places, many Central American countries come into the picture. The only problem is that we've not been to any of these places so I started to check some of them out and that's how Costa Rica became a place we had to see. For what appears to be a small country there is so much to see and do. First, they have a Caribbean coast that seems to offer most of what we enjoy about all the nice Caribbean areas we have already visited. There is also the central area that has volcanoes, cloud forests and a lake that has rainbow bass (guapotes) which should keep Dave busy for a while. Then there is the Pacific coast that offers great beaches, small towns, and some decent snorkeling and fishing.
This was the first place in Central America where I found a decent airfare so it would be first CA country that we will visit. As usual, my planning skills seem to go out the window when it comes to picking my flights. I always think it's so good to be able to get somewhere early that I never stop to think what that really means. For example, I book a flight out of Boston at 6:00am which isn't too bad but the shuttle company has to pick us up at 2:00am to be able to guarantee our arrival at the airport on time and since it is a shared ride and I'm too cheap to pay for a private ride, I have to suck it up. The worst thing about my planning for this trip is that I didn't p,an for the Red Sox being in the world series and now I have to miss game 1 to get to bed and I'm not sure if we'll get to watch any of the other games but we'll just have to chance it at this point.
For now it's off to bed early in hopes of finding that one place that we may eventually call home.

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