Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day 3 & 4- Cahuita National Park and relaxing

For day 3 our agenda is to visit the Cahiita National Park which preserves both land and sea areas and a huge reef surrounding the park. One can only snorkel here with a guide so we meet Kenry at 8:30 by the police station and go over to his boat. He has us wait while he goes to find the rest of the group and wouldn't you know it, Dave looks up and sees a sloth in the tree right above us.
Kenry comes back with the rest of our tour, eight in all, and we head out to the reef. A short ride later, we jump in the water and immediately see a lion fish. For those who don't know, lion fish as absolutely beautiful but they are also very poisonous so it is a joy and a bit scary to see them in the wild. Because they are poisonous, they have no known predators and have been taken over the waters of the Caribbean. Some places have gone as far as having lion fishing tournaments to try and catch them and they say that they are great eating, though we are yet to discover that. After that it is most of the same type of fish and coral that we have seen in other places but there is a lot of it and we make three different stops along the way which gives us different views of it all.
After our snorkel, Kenry drops us off at the point of the national park and we walk back on our own. Dave sees a monkey but he is too high in the trees to get a good picture. Then suddenly there is a rustle to our left, Dave looks and says, "Look it's a snake" it takes me a while but it is exactly like the snake described by the local: long, skinny and a small head. I wonder if others will see it too!!!
 I get a couple pics while he moves around and readjusts a bit in the branches. A native tells us that he's always there and that there is a big snake in the area too. He says he doesn't know the name but it is about 4 feet long, very skinny with a really small head. It's not poisonous but he doesn't like it just the same.
Once we head back we have lunch at the Reggae Bar and hit the pillows for a nap. For the night we eat at Rick's in town which is good and catch a little of the baseball game. Did I mention that our room does not have a TV? Oh well, looks like we didn't miss much as the Sox lost again.
There's not much to say about day 4 except that we drove around, hit the beach, went to the pool, went to the Reggae bar and met another couple that recently retired to Costa Rica. I drilled the husband about where they live and how they went about things and got some good info from him.
Overall it was a pretty relaxing day in preparation for our long drive to Nuevo Arenal tomorrow.

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