Saturday, November 9, 2013

Day 15 & 16 - The Last Two Days

For our last  two full days in Costa Rica we are headed to San Ramon, a town just outside Alejuela where the airport is. The drive from the Pacific coast is just about four hours and we stop along the way for some lunch and a decent view of the mountains. As we near our destination we can feel the difference in elevation from the coast as well as the increased traffic especially the big trucks, some trying to keep up, others passing us...scary!
San Ramon is a bustling little town that offers much in culture, history and merchants. It appears to have a good balance of things in a fairly compact area.
We are staying at the Casa Amanecer bed and breakfast which is a cute little place on a hill with views of the mountains and the valley below. It is just outside of town so it is quiet of all the town noises but there are dogs everywhere. The family in the house next door has recently had a baby and whenever she cries (which is not often) their rottie mix dog cries too....not barks, but cries - it is so cute but I am glad that the baby does not cry often because as cute as it is, it could get annoying.
After our arrival we just hang out as we are both pretty wiped out from doing nothing on the coast for three days and for dinner we try a place in town called Rincon Poeta which was recommended by our host. They have a wide selection and Dave tries the pollo BBQ which he said was just OK and I had the sopa mariscos which was awesome. It is a huge seafood soup that has fish, clams, shrimp and crab in a nice broth and I really enjoyed it and it was pretty cheap as well.
Our second day starts with a huge breakfast of fruit, eggs, toast and coffee and then we set out for Sarchi which is an area that has handcrafted wooden furniture that is so beautiful. If we were to move to CR, this would be a p!ace that I would come to buy some furniture because the prices were very reasonable as well, not so much if I wanted to buy and ship back home but to have here would be great.
We also spend some time in San Ramon walking around seeing all their different shops and eateries. After a lunch that was way too much food, we head back to Casa Amanecer and hang out outside watching the hummingbirds, butterflies and other birds come around the garden....ahhhhh!
For dinner we split a pizza which is about all that we can handle and then we head back to begin our packing for our trip home tomorrow.

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